Workshop 1: Exploring Models for Digital Access

Wednesday, May 20, 2015
Sir Alwyn Williams Building, University of Glasgow

This half-day workshop will consider various approaches to digital resources that have been used in recent years by cultural and heritage organisations in Scotland. The emphasis will be on reflecting upon the success of these programs, while also questioning what constitutes success in the context of increasing access and building audiences through such initiatives. The workshop will look at the organisational settings, types of collections and targeted users associated with each approach, and examine how these issues affected the design and implementation of these different models. What lessons can be learnt from these projects, and looking to the future how can they help in the planning, development and implementation of new digital platforms and resources?

Representatives from cultural organisations that have worked to digitise their collections will be invited to speak on the experience of developing and implementing these initiatives. Past projects that will be discussed will include “Revealing Hidden Collections” organised by University Museums in Scotland (UMIS), Glasgow Museums’ Collections Navigator portal and the Scottish Cultural Resources Access Network (SCRAN). These brief presentations will be followed by smaller, group discussion, at the end of which participants will have the opportunity to share their reflections on the issues and themes discussed, and help set the agenda for future events organised by the network.

This workshop will appeal to academics and practitioners working in a range of disciplines. Cultural heritage workers, arts professionals and scholars interested in issues relating to digital resources and their impact upon preservation, education, engagement and outreach are invited to register.

Attendance is free but registration is required through Eventbrite.

Here is the programme for the workshop: Exploring Models for Digital Access_May 20 programme

PLEASE NOTE: A limited number of travel bursaries are available to postgraduate students and early-career researchers to facilitate their participation at the workshop. Please contact for more information.

Videos from the workshop presentations and discussions


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