Programme Committee

Chair : Maria Economou (HATII/Hunterian, University of Glasgow)

Dr Ian Anderson (HATII, University of Glasgow)

Susan Ashworth (Glasgow University Library)

Dr Rossitza Atanassova (British Library)

Pam Babes (National Museums Scotland)

Dr Alistair Bell (National Library of Scotland)

Dr Martin Bellamy (Glasgow Museums, Glasgow Life)

Dr Agiatis Benardou (Digital Curation Unit, Research Centre Athena, Institute for the Management of Information Systems, Greece)

Maarten Brinkerink (Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision)

Malcolm Chapman (Hunterian, University of Glasgow)

Dr Marco De Niet (Digital Heritage Netherlands Foundation – DEN)

Dr Areti Damala (University of Strathclyde, Glasgow)

Prof Milena Dobreva (University of Malta, Malta)

John Ferry (Glasgow Museums, Glasgow Life)

Prof David Gaimster (Hunterian, University of Glasgow)

Kevin Goslin (Collections Trust)

Ann Gow (HATII, University of Glasgow)

Dr Johanna Green (HATII, University of Glasgow)

Dr Frank Hopfgartner (HATII, University of Glasgow)

Prof Lorna Hughes (HATII, University of Glasgow)

Dr Stuart Jeffrey (School of Simulation and Visualisation, Glasgow School of Art)

Dr William Kilbride (Digital Preservation Coalition)

Dr Yunhyong Kim (HATII, University of Glasgow)

Kirsty Lingstadt (Historic Environment Scotland)

Tracey MacDonald (Glasgow Museums)

Prof Andrew Prescott (University of Glasgow & AHRC Digital Transformations Theme Leadership Fellow)

Dr Laia Pujol Tost (University of Pompeu Fabra, Spain)

Moira Rankin (University of Glasgow Archives)

Lesley Richmond (Glasgow University Library & Archives)

Prof Seamus Ross (Visiting Professor Athens University of Economics and Business (2016) and Universities of Glasgow/Toronto

Prof Ian Ruthven (University of Strathclyde, Glasgow)

Fredric Saunderson (National Library of Scotland)

Prof Fred Truyen (KU Leuven, Belgium)

Dr Giannis Tsakonas (Univesity of Patras Library, Greece)

Harry Verwayen (Europeana, The Netherlands)