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Thank you for Workshop 1

A warm thank you to all the speakers, participants and helpers who made yesterday’s workshop such a big success!

This was oversubscribed but we felt it was important to open it up to everyone interested in this area and the emerging topics, so we accepted everyone on the waiting list. We had about 60 people in the room and quite a few more followning from twitter. There was a good mix of ages, specialisations, fields and experience in different aspects of digital creating and curation and cultural heritage.

Our speakers (in physical and virtual presence from afar!) explored in a critical way the challenges that some of these digital cultural heritage projects faced and highlighted some common issues, such as the importance of collaboration between institutions and of listening to users and bringing them onboard early on and throughout the process of designing these tools and resources. The groups worked hard after the presentations discussing the questions given to them and exploring the issues highlighted by the speakers. The reports back from the moderators were all extemely useful and we will posting more of these up.

Look forward to seing you all to the next workshop in the autumn!



Workshop programme

It’s just two weeks until our first workshop, ‘Exploring Models for Digital Access.’

After a spot of lunch and some time for participants to meet one another, the session will begin with a series of short presentations about three past strategies used by institutions in Scotland to expand their digital resources. The three highlighted approaches will be  the Revealing Hidden Collections project initiated by University Museums in Scotland (UMIS), the Collections Navigator portal developed by Glasgow Museums, and the Scottish Cultural Resources Access Network (SCRAN).

After these presentations, each of which will be accompanied by a brief Q&A session, workshop participants will break-down into small groups to share and discuss their experiences working with digital resources, and strategies used to assess the impact and value of these existing models. It’s here that participants will have the chance to bring ideas to the table, and set the agenda for future events organised by the Scottish Network on Digital Cultural Resources Evaluation. What do you think have been some of the successes — but also failures — of past initiatives? What issues need addressing in order to provide resources that meet the diverse needs of users and those working in the cultural heritage sector?

You can find the full programme by clicking on the link below:

Exploring Models for Digital Access_May 20 programme