Monthly Archives: February 2015


The Scottish Network on Digital Cultural Resources Evaluation is pleased to announce its creation, which has been made possible through an award from the Royal Society of Edinburgh.

Are we in the midst of becoming a culture of tap and swipe? Does this remove from the physical world — from the stuff that surrounds us — extend to our experiences in museums and galleries, institutions founded on the notion of learning from objects first-hand?

The Scottish Network on Digital Cultural Resources Evaluation brings together academics from various disciplines and cultural professionals from across Scotland to investigate how this digital turn has impacted museums, galleries and heritage organisations. The project will consider how the growing use of digital resources as affected the ways in which visitors and diverse user groups engage with the collections of these cultural institutions.

The project’s main case study is the re-development of the Kelvin Hall in Glasgow, a mixed-use space due to open in 2016. Over the two years of the project (2015-16), the team will organise a series of events including workshops, a knowledge exchange forum for cultural professionals, an international symposium and a public open day for exploring the digital collections at the newly-opened Kelvin Hall.

The first of these events will explore existing models of digital access. This workshop will take place at the University of Glasgow on Wednesday, May 20th. More information is available here. Alternatively, please email