Invitation to Time Travel!

Great to see how Tracey MacDonald, Assistant Curator – Kelvin Hall Project at Glasgow Life/ Glasgow Museums was inspired after ScotDigiCH Workshop 2 on Crowdsourcing, Co-curation, Co-creation and see some of the ways they have been trying out crowdsourcing out with photographs from GM’s collection.

Welcome to the Kelvin Hall Project blog

As part of the Kelvin Hall project, Glasgow Museums have been experimenting with a small crowdsourcing activity. Crowdsourcing enables museums and other cultural institutions to do all sorts of activities which not only promote learning through objects but also improve collections records. In it’s simplest terms, crowdsourcing is asking the public to help with tasks that contribute to a shared significant goal such as helping to identify objects or photographs.

As more museum collections become digitised, there is opportunity for them to become more accessible and reusable. Before this, records need to be correctly identified and annotated. In addition to this, local communities and people interested in history who have a great wealth of knowledge about their area or interest can contribute information and stories about objects that can bring them to life. Information the museum may know nothing about.

Some good examples of larger scale crowdsourced activities are New…

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